Monday, May 24, 2010

AUB Strike (II)

Let me be clear on this. Several AUB students wrote to me. I meant to say that AUB and its developments are not earth shattering because they it is an elite university that mostly cater to rich kids and spoiled brats--me included if you want. But several wrote me wondering if my reaction to the developments is in any way influenced by my friendship and deep respect and admiration for provost, Ahmad Dallal. I have known Ahmad since high school, and nothing will change my opinion of him and he has my full confidence. I am reserved in praising Ahmad for his own sake, otherwise I would elaborate. Yet, i support the strike just as I support every and any student strike, unless it is led by right-wing forces. Let me be clear, i now identify with the stance of the Palestine Cultural Club on campus, and I dont support the Lebanese Forces-led USFC and their double dealings and their racist effort to exclude Palestinian students from decision making. I also want to say: that I of course denounce the physical attack on Ahmad or on his deputy, Professor Ghaddar. Ahmad and I know a thing or two about student strikes and know how they should be managed. I also want to tell students at AUB especially the USFC that Ahmad is not and should not be their object of anger. The White Man in New York City runs AUB, and not the provost in Beirut. Make no mistake about it. The PCC is trying to modify the 15-credit policy to make rich students pay for the disadvantaged students. So the PCC has my support. March on. And if you need me, I will be in Beirut soon. I would never miss an opportunity to rail against colonial institutions of higher learning in our midst.