Thursday, May 13, 2010

analysis of Israeli propaganda

"In reality, those in the Arab world who seriously support the arguments of western Holocaust denial – “the anti-Zionism of fools”, to paraphrase August Bebel’s famous remark that anti-semitism was “the socialism of fools” – are a tiny minority. In most cases, denialist attitudes stem from exasperation. This much is suggested by opinion polls among Palestinians in Israel, the Arab population best informed about the Holocaust, a subject thoroughly covered by the school syllabus in Israel (10). A first poll conducted by the University of Haifa in 2006 found, to general surprise, that 28% of all Arabs in Israel denied the Holocaust, the percentage being higher among the best educated (11). Two years later, against escalating violence, the same poll found a denial rate of 40% (12)." OK, here is the point. There is holocaust denial in Western countries, and according to Deborah Lipstadt's book on the subject, something like 1/5th of all Americans deny the Holocaust. And comrade Achqar here really overstates his case about the Mufti. I mean, even if the Mufti never stepped foot in Berlin, the Zionists would have still referred to Palestinians as Nazi collaborators. Read the Zionist literature of the late 60s, when the PLO was instantly labeled as similar to the Nazi movement.