Sunday, April 25, 2010

To prove that Muslims are fanatics in the West: so easy

"As a snarky response to Muslim bloggers who "warned" Comedy Central about an episode of South Park showing the Prophet Mohammed wearing a bear suit, one Seattle cartoonist, who calls laughter her form of "prayer," is asking artists all over the world to create depictions of Mohammed on May 20, then submit the images to a Facebook page she set up." So basically, it has become so easy in the West to prove the widespread theory of Muslim fanaticism and their proclivity to issuing threats. Any time anybody attacks Islam or Muslim, it takes one real or concocted Blogger or anonymous person to express outrage, for Western media to shout and yell: Look. Muslims are issuing death threats. Look: they issued one of their fatwawas. I mean, no one was able to find the source of this alleged Muslim "death threat."