Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Israel as the enemy

Israel and its agents and stooges around the world are up in arms because the Egyptian foreign minister referred to Israel as "the enemy" in conversations with journalists in Beirut. This is significant because it tells me that the foreign minister, Abu Al-Ghayt is preparing for the post-Mubarak era and wants to save his neck especially after the sullying of his lousy reputation when he met with Livni just before the assault on Gaza. But Israel does not seem to know that all Arabs (with the exception of the polyganous princes of the Gulf and their paid propagandists) consider Israel as the enemy. That is how little Israel knows about the Arabs. MEMRI just put out a crying bulleting titled "waaaaaaa. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa. Waaaaaaaaa." complaining about the statement that Israel is the enemy.