Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hizbullah and UAE

When I was in Lebanon last January, I learned so many things that I forgot to report on so many things. I will be there in late May, so I will learn more. Here is another one that I forgot about. I was talking to a friend the other day, and he reminded me of the story that I had told him in Beirut in January (in light of the Dubai assassination and the high-profile role of the Dubai chief of police.) Months ago (in 2009), the UAE sent a very high envoy to Beirut on a secret mission to meet with Hasan Nasrallah. The man met with Hasan Nasrallah for several hours. His message from UAE rulers was that they want Hizbullah to use its influence among the Shi`ites of the Gulf to prevent disturbances in the event of an Israeli/US war on Iran. I am told, that what the man heard from Nasrallah left him terrified and he told aides that he is not comfortable in relaying the message to UAE rulers. I am told that the message said in effect that those countries would suffer if they host an attack on Iran, and a reference was made to the high rises in Dubai. The man was shaking when he left to the airport to leave on his private jet.