Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The adventures and tall tales of Iyad `Allawi

Now I am sick and tired of the tall tales that Iyad `Allawi (the former puppet prime minister/car bomber/Saddam henchman/embezzler-in-Yemen/ally of Shi`ite sectarian forces in Lebanon/candidate of Syria/Saudi Arabia/Turkey in the last puppet election) tells regarding an alleged assassination attempt on him in London. He seems to be the only witness to the story, and the story gets bigger with very recounting. And notice that `Allawi gives different dates to his break with Saddam: he somestimes dares to give the date as 1970, when people who know tell me that he was a chief henchman in Europe on behalf of Saddam's intelligence service into the mid-1970s AT LEAST. Look at him here: "Mr. Allawi said he kicked out at the man there just as he swung an ax, nearly severing Mr. Allawi’s leg. A bloody struggle ensued, his wife jumping on one of the men’s backs, Mr. Allawi wresting one of the axes away and attacking back, until the second attacker chopped at his head". I pick up the story here: and then the lion jumped through the window, and Allawi killed the lion with his stapler. And then two missiles hit `Allawi in the leg, and he pulled them out promptly before they exploded. And then, a snake was thrown at him and he managed to kill it under his feet.