Friday, February 26, 2010

Senate race in California

"Rivals in the race for the Republican nomination are questioning whether former Rep. Tom Campbell is sufficiently supportive of Israel. They base their criticisms on his voting record, statements about a Palestinian homeland and capital, and some of his past associates. Their allegations have raised enough concerns for Campbell that he plans to meet Monday with the influential American Israel Public Affairs Committee. He also is reaching out to other Jewish leaders. His campaign's honorary chairman, former U.S. Secretary of State George P. Shultz, weighed in to call Campbell's support for the nation "unwavering." "He clearly understands the very real threats facing the Israeli people, all the more urgent now as Iran rushes toward nuclear arms," Shultz said in a statement released to The Times. "Tom Campbell's record of action tells you where he stands, and I stand with him."" Well, let me say this. I don't care who wins and who loses in US senate races. I could care less. But I have met Campbell: I did a TV show with him once, or twice. He is a rather well-informed person, who knows quite a bit about foreign policy and his views on the Middle East are not as insane and ignorant as the rest of the bunch. Of course, that is in itself a disqualification in American politics.