Thursday, February 25, 2010

Israel's friends in Dubai

"Now back in Israel, Dovik Peer, Shahar's father, told Army Radio a bit about what it was like. The organizers' efforts to ensure that Shahar participate and make it home in one piece entailed extremely high security. They took up the whole floor of a hotel, a different one from where the rest of the players were staying. An extensive security detail kept a watchful eye on them in a way "I think is very similar to the prime minister's security in Israel," he said: First, second and third circles of security meticulously scoured the vicinity before allowing them out of the room. The closest routes between hotel and car, car and private dressing room, dressing room and court were chosen, to minimize Peer's exposure. Most meals were ordered in, the few taken outside were done with bodyguards. Needless to say, they didn't see much of Dubai. Work with us here, the guards told them. Things are tense. Asked whether he was scared, Dovik said, "Not for a second." Peer herself told the press upon her return that everyone in Dubai took good care of her and tried to make her feel as comfortable as possible. It was a difficult week but an important one, she said, at the end of which she felt she had friends in Dubai." (thanks Dina)