Saturday, January 30, 2010

This almost triggered sectarian conflict in Biqa` as Hariri supporters rushed to accuse Shi`ites of kidnapping him

"On late Thursday night, security forces located "the lost imam," as Majzoub has been dubbed by some media outlets, at his friend's house in a neighboring village in good health and sporting a different look. They found a clean-shaven Majzoub sitting among guests in the house dressed in ordinary clothes rather than clerical garb, news reports say. Suspicions that the sheik had duped the police and staged his own kidnapping soon emerged." Al-Akhbar has more information regarding the involvement of this cleric with foreign (read Saudi) money for the establishment of Salafite Sunni sectarian militia in Lebanon. This is the legacy of the Hariri family in Lebanon. There will come a day when the Lebanese will wake up and demolish all statues and posters of Rafiq Hariri for what he has done to Lebanon (and to other parts of the Middle East where he operated on behalf of Saudi intelligence).