Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lebanese racism against Ethiopians

Houssam sent me this (I cite with his permission): "In reference to the subject “ Lebanese Racism” ; I work in Tanzania , and I always take this plane , from and to Lebanon. When boarding the plane , the Ethiopian workers are called upon , shouted and searched like inmates , being boarded and transferred to prison ( I kid you not). Their boarding passes are always booked in the rear side of the plane, while the Lebanese and other nationalities share the front side of the plane, usually two to three seat lanes ( if available), separate both parties. And this is on an “Ethiopian” plane. I recall one time , a security agent making fun from one Ethiopian female, she had a big picture of her husband and family , and she was so happy going back home. The security guy ( immigration aw chi); was making fun how her husband was looking old in the pic, and she should give him her number , to see her when she’s back in Lebanon. “Sexual harassment within airport premises “. Lebanese treat Ethiopian hosts on board of the plane as bad as they treat their maids at home. I really admire those Ethiopian workers and hosts for tolerating this discrimination and treatment. I wonder how would they be treated if the plane was an MEA plane. "