Monday, January 25, 2010

If she was the wife of an Arab politician, it would be front page story in the US

"Three days earlier Yediot Ahronot, the country’s biggest-circulation daily newspaper, split its front page, half with a report on Haiti, half on a lawsuit filed against Mrs Netanyahu by a former housekeeper of her weekend home for allegedly making her life a misery. “She demanded that I address her as Mrs Sara Netanyahu,” the plaintiff’s suit asserted. “If I called her Sara she would scream at me…Whenever I saw her I had to tell her how clever and pretty she was…She phoned me at home at two in the morning to complain about a cushion cover…She insisted I bring four sets of work-clothes: for doing the laundry, for cleaning the loos, for cleaning other rooms and for working in the kitchen.”

“Every word rings true,” said a secretary who worked for Mrs Netanyahu during her husband’s first term as prime minister (1996-99). “She would shout at me six times a day, at the press secretary three times, and at Bibi once…I’m still traumatised.”"