Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sexism and segregation in the Ahmadinajad Republic

Here is what a source in Iran said about this matter that I was inquiring about: "Segregation and more restrictions on women have been part of the plan of Ahmadinejad-Khamenei. Yet their plan has been affected (temporarily stopped) by the recent people’s uprising. Religious police are not seen in the streets as they were when they used to harass and bother people during the four years of the presidency of Ahmadinejad. The government is now more focused on the schools. After schools, they are going to work on (or “Islamize”) the universities, in case they win to defeat the movement. Fewer women, already, run the TV shows and programs, compared to some months ago. TV series are more anti-women than ever....(TV series have been freely showing men with two wives or men who want to enter mut’a or temporary marriage.)"

PS For Iranian matters, you may do what the New York Times does: just ask people in....Toronto.