Sunday, December 27, 2009

Saudi Wahhabi Physiognomy: this man should be teaching at KAUST

Comrade Tarif Khalidi sent me this (I cite with his permission): "I didnt want your blog to miss out on one of the funniest stories in years. It appeared on p.1 of yesterday's Al-Hayat (26/12/09) and concerns a Saudi physiognomist (!!), a certain Dr (!!) Mubarak al-Ashqar, who is quoted as having analyzed the photographs of two Qa`ida operatives, Sa`id alShihri and `Abdullah al-`Asiri, to reach the following conclusions: "People with a cleft nose like the nose of Sa`id al-Shihri pursue wealth irrespective of means, are avid for power and control, and harbor a deep malice while their daily dealings are characterized by cunning. Such people possess a strong influence on others and can persuade others through diverse means. This is shown by the regions of the face and its divisions, where the upper lip is thin. They are also eloquent and this is shown through the length of the lower lip." Dr al-Ashqar also pointed out that " the forehead of this wanted man al-Shihri appears in the photo to be square in shape which means he does not possess a high degree of concentration and sustained thinking." As for `Asiri (who carried out the failed assassination attempt against Prince Muhammad bin Nayif)the diagnosis is as follows: "His nose, short at the top and long at its end, indicates a person without ambition who executes whatever is asked of him. It also indicates a person of no culture who bears a grudge against society, shown by the cleft in his chin. His forehead is square in shape which means that the stupidity ratio in him is high."God save us from cleft noses, thin upper lips, square foreheads and cleft chins...But while we're at it, perhaps you might ask Dr (!!) Mubarak al-Ashqar to supply us with his photo."