Sunday, December 27, 2009

The lies of the New York Times: and the sneaky correction and editing of headlines and articles on the website

This should be a regular feature: how the New York Times now regularly changes headlines and texts after they appear in the paper edition of the Times. The headline of the article of Ethan Bronner (the chief justifier of Israeli killings and murder for the paper, assisted by a couple of token natives who sign their names to articles, before they complain in private about the articles themselves) as it appeared in my morning edition of the Times was: "Israeli Army Kills Suspects in Jewish Settler's Death". Now the article was quite outrageous on many levels. So even when the Palestinians are killed, the story feature an Israeli "victim". But the headline was also outrageous on another level: Israel killed six Palestinians in total: three in the West Bank and three in Gaza, but the headline makes a generalization about the killing of the six, as if it was one "operation" in response to the killing of an Israeli "victim". Another level is the use of the word "suspect". So for the Times, if you are a suspect, it is justifiable to kill you. The headline was later changed on the website to read: "Israel Kills Six Palestinians." But the damage has already been done despite the sneaky changing of the headline. But it does not end there. The text reads: " The Israeli military killed six Palestinians on Saturday, three in the West Bank whom it accused of killing a Jewish settler and three in Gaza who it said were crawling along the border wall planning an attack." Look at the last phrase. "Planning an attack"? How did Ethan Bronner know that? Did Ethan Bronner interview the dead bodies and they told him that they were planning an attack? And notice that a day when six Palestinians were killed in cold blood by Israeli terrorist soldiers, the entire article basically is based on accounts and justification by Israeli military sources. So when Palestinians are killed, the New York Times does not really cover their killing as much as it writes a long article to justify the killing by Israeli terrorist soldiers.