Friday, November 27, 2009

Zayn Al-Athat

I have reported this week about the Lebanese quack (alleged) crook, Zayn Al-Athat who peddles in infomercials "natural" herbal products for all ailments. He has a cream to enlarge a woman's breasts, and a cream for hair growth, and a cream for hemorrhoids. It is the same damn cream, but you just need to change the location where you spread the cream. He also has pills to make you lose between 20 to 30 pounds, without having to diet. He explained how it works scientifically. He said: it erodes the fat, makes the stomach smaller, and make you lose your desire for food, no matter how much food you see.

PS I am accepting contributions about this guy, who is allegedly a partner with Randa Birri, wife of Nabih Birri, the leader of the Amal Movement which led the War of the Camps against the Palestinians in Lebanon in the mis-1980s.