Friday, November 27, 2009

Wahhabiyyah parading as liberalism: the case of the Hariri Movement

I have noted to you before, that after Sep. 11, Wahhabiyah propaganda has found a new way to parade before Western audiences. So-called Arab liberals who work as propagandists in Saudi media are part and parcel of this trick. Yet, Saudi media continue to fund and propagate the Wahhabi method and doctrine. Read the statements by Lebanese director of Internal Security Forces, Ashraf Rifi (who is a Hariri appointee and who is a member of the board of Prince Nayif University for Security, Torture, and Behadings) in an interview with a French magazine (printed in today's AsSafir) in which he admits that Gulf sources are responsible for funding Salafite fanatical group. And the Salafite element is a major component of the Hairri movement in Lebanon: the key figure of the Hariri movement, MP Samir Al-Jisr, said this summer that "yes, we are all Salafites". Yet, the Hariri movement is setting up an alliance of "liberal organizations" as it markets itself to Western embassies as a "liberal political movement" although Bahiyyah Al-Hariri admitted that she has been funding the fanatical group, Jund AshSham. But this liberal movement takes its clues from such Western liberals, as American Zionists. So they admitted the fascists National Liberal Party of Kamil Sham`un into the "alliance of liberals", while they turned down the Egyptian Ghad Party because the latter's criticisms of Israel and attack on the Israeli assault on Gaza is deemed "anti-Semitic." (thanks Soheil)