Monday, November 30, 2009

The Southern Movement in Yemen

"I have information that the Yemeni team which is leading the war effort had planned to drag the Saudis into the war. This plan started when the regime realised it cannot crush Al Houthi group militarily. Informed sources in Sana'a tell me the government is quite happy today that it managed to turn the war into a regional one after the involvement of Saudi Arabia. I regret that we have reached this point, and it saddens me to see our brothers on both sides fighting. On the short and long terms, this war is not in the interests of anybody. Saudi Arabia is a key state in the region and it is unfortunate it got involved." By the way, Al-Bid mocked claims by Salih about links between his socialist movement and Al-Qa`idah. But notice that he does not criticize Saudi Arabia: Prince Sultan faction supported his movement back in 1994 to piss of `Al `Abdullah Salih. (thanks Laleh)