Thursday, November 26, 2009

NowHariri in Foreign Policy

Look at this lousy ill-informed article that mostly is based on rumors and prejudices of Saudi-financed media who only see Shi`ites through the prism of Taqiyyah and Mut`ah marriage. What Foreign Policy does not tell you is that this writer works for Hariri media in Lebanon and that the people she sites are affiliated with Hariri Inc in Lebanon. This writer works for the lousiest and most unprofessional Hariri propaganda outlet in Lebanon: Now Hariri. Just look at her articles and judge for yourselves. But you know how it is in US media: as long as the target is the enemy of the US/Israel, contributions from reporters for National Inquirer, or Hariri Inquirer, are welcome. On the topic of Mut`ah marriage in Lebanon: I can tell you this. Those reports are wildly exaggerated, and spread by the same Wahhabi/Hariri media outlets that have been spinning fitnah between Sunnis and Shi`ites. (thanks Michel)