Monday, November 23, 2009

In every sense of the word, Israel is a disgrace unto the nations

"Independence Park in Tel Aviv has for years been known as a meeting place for gays looking for casual sex as well as relationships. Poems and books have been written about the park, and it inspired several films. The park retained its popularity as a discreet and convenient location, even as other venues catering to the LGBT community emerged in Tel Aviv over the years. Now, community members say, the Tel Aviv municipality is trying to evict them from the park - installing stronger lighting, getting rid of bushes and trees, and increasing harassment by municipal patrols. Visitors say that for the last two months, city inspectors have been blocking them from entering areas with shrubbery." And yet, I still have to read in the Western press about how Israel is this great haven for gays. Give me a potato, NOW. (thanks Olivia)