Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hassan Fattah Covers Dubai

Chris in the UAE sent me this (I cite with his permission): "As'ad, I don't have a specific link to point to, but I'd highly recommend checking out the coverage of the Dubai financial collapse in Hassan Fattah's newspaper: if you lived in Abu Dhabi, as I do, and read The National rather than the FT or the Times, you'd think that everything in Dubai was doing just great. It's a total whitewash, designed to prevent anyone here from knowing what's going on in their own country, though everyone knows already. The day after Dubai announced it would default on its massive debt, The National had this headline: Dubai World in major new revamp Over the past few days, it's been all good news in The National -- check these headlines: Dubai World in reorganisation; ‘Expert’ to oversee Dubai World restructuring; Markets edge back with eye on Dubai; A silver lining in Dubai World (!); Dubai restructuring 'carefully planned'; Dubai has chance to show world it has come of age. The National is still better than the unbelievably awful Dubai papers, but not by much anymore."