Monday, November 23, 2009

Hariri Inc hearts right-wing Zionist Americal journalists

"My host on the trip was New Opinion Group, a Lebanese NGO. Created in the wake of the March 2005 Cedar Revolution, it is dedicated to "achieving a nonsectarian, democratic, and sovereign Lebanon." The small group of American journalists, policy analysts, and scholars of which I was a part met with civil society activists, professors, journalists, TV personalities, and leading politicians representing Lebanon's major sects." And then this Zionist fanatic reports this from Beirut, having spent a few days there and feeling the authority to report on Lebanese public opinion throughout the country: "One hears from all sections of Lebanese society that Israel is the key to reining in Hezbollah." And he does not shy away from offering policy advice: "Second, the United States can expand programs to support civil society in Lebanon, particularly K-12 education, and also economic development, particularly in the south..." I mean, if only the US governments heeds his advice, all Lebanese Shi`ites would be paying tribute to Alan Derwhowitz. This brilliant foreign policy brain is onto something, big. (thanks very anonymous)