Friday, November 27, 2009

Dahlan Advocates: now you see the board member, now you don't

I have heard stories of how the Dahlan advocates at the Dahlan Task Force for Israel assembled its board. But the recent White House State Dinner crasher is a case in point. The fellow is a member of this lousy board of this lousy organization: it says so on Wikipedia. But suddenly, the organization's website first removed the picture and then the name of its proud board member. And to see the orientations of those Dahlanists, look at this: "Tareq gave just $1,600 in political contributions ($600 to George Allen, $1,000 to Jim Moran) over the past nine years." And for those who are not in the US, I can tell you that George Allen is one of the most fanatically anti-Arab, anti-Muslim, pro-Likud and generally racist politicians in the US. My theory is this: if Meir Kahane was still alive, he would have been invited to serve on the board of the Dahlan Task Force for Israel.