Saturday, October 31, 2009

Supreme criticisms of the Supreme leader

"According to the reports, a student from Sharif University, named by some websites as Mahmud Vahidnia, criticized the Iranian leader, state broadcast media, the postelection crackdown, and the closure of the reformist press -- for a whole 20 minutes. The student reportedly told Khamenei that he had never seen criticism of Khamenei in the Iranian press. He said those surrounding Khamenei have turned him into “an idol.” He then went on to accuse state media of biased reporting and giving a false picture of postelection events. He added that since the supreme leader appoints the head of state broadcast media, he is responsible for its content and biased coverage. On a roll, the unnamed student then criticized “the cycle of power” in Iran, including the conservative Guardians Council and the Assembly of Experts. According to Khamenei’s website, the Iranian leader reacted by saying that he welcomes criticism and knows that there is a lot of it." (thanks Nader)