Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Michel Onfray

Comrade Raed sent me this: "in this interview, french writer Michel Onfray that was interviewed today for al-akhbar by dima charif says that he is a zionist. although in the same time he says that he is pro-palestinian. (read passage in red) Now he distanciated himself from Sine who is a hard core pro-palestinian for some reason that isnt stated, but he is also critical of the "shoah epxloiters" in france. Hates Bernard Henri Levy etc. And he advocates Sine Hebdo, which is in my opinion a journal that tries to transcend to local "jews VS arabs" quarrel in France while being loudly pro-palestinian and anti-holocaust denial and anti-islamist. Is he like hannah arendt, zionist meaning some kind of "pro-juish"? what does he mean by Zionist? But anyway, he says he is Zionist, just thought you should know. just watch out, this seems like a very nuanced position, doesnt mean its not sincere. (i dont know of the author's opinions in other interviews so feel free to search further about him). read in red.
PS I am so not crazy about Onfray's "post-anarchism". And between Proudhon and Bakunin, I would never choose Proudhon.