Thursday, October 29, 2009

J Street: the conference (what do you expect from what Amos Oz endorses)

Yesterday, I decided to actually read the full schedule of the Conference. Leftists are praising the conference. And did you see how the J Street took an ad in the Washington Post to brag about Israeli endorsements? They were so thin, those few names. So J Street is now a key promoter of the lie that there is indeed a "peace camp" in Israel. You know what I mean? That J Street is not in fact bad for Israel, from a pure propaganda point. Now back to the conference: read it and share this conclusion: the Zionist premise is the same between J Street, Main Street, or AIPAC street. That the Palestinians are marginal and should not be allowed to speak for themselves unless accompanied by Zionist adults. Notice how marginal the Palestinians are in the schedule. And notice who they invited: the president of the Dahlan Task Force for Israel. You want to tell me that the organizers did not know that that outfit only speak for Dahlanists? Of course they knew and they knew that it cheered for Bush for during his war years, before they converted to Obama on the day that he took office. Oh, and they also invited PA Minister of Economy, Bassil Khuri: the guy who gave that horrific interview to Le Monde (I cited him last week or a bit more than a week) in which he basically called for more strangulation of the Palestinians in Gaza. And notice that they share the same outlook of AIPAC even if they use different language: like having a session on Iran, and then having a title about whether diplomacy will work, therefore giving legitimacy to Israeli war threats.