Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ethan Bronner in Gaza

So Ethan Bronner went to Gaza. Oh. Is that not sweet. You don't need to read the article as I will summarize: 1) he wants you to know that the misery in Gaza is related to this outrage: "A new sign on the Gaza side of the Israeli border bars even foreigners from bringing in alcohol." He believes that this is the worst aspect of what is going on in Gaza. 2) he believes that the siege and strangulation of Gaza by Israel and Egypt is effective (and thus should continue): "Israel allows about 100 trucks a day to pass into Gaza bearing food, medicine and other humanitarian goods. But it has closed off commerce in the hope of alienating the population here from their rulers. That seems to be happening." OK, Ethan. You may go back to Israel now. Thanks for the report. Without you, the world would not know of the misery in Gaza.