Friday, October 30, 2009

Are they fit for self-government?

"“A change of policy by turning the islands over to the coterie of Tagalog politicians will blight their fair prospects of enormous improvement, drive out capital, make life and property –secular and
religious- most insecure, banish by fear of cruel proscription a considerable body of conservative Filipino people, who had aided Americans in well-founded belief that their people are not now fit for
self-government, and reintroduce the same oppression and corruption which existed in all provinces under the Malolos insurgent government during the eight months of its control. The result will be factional strife between jealous leaders, chaos, and anarchy, and will require
and justify active intervention of our government or some other.” (Root, Elihu. 1970[1916]. The Military and the Colonial Policy of the United States: Addresses and Report. New York: AMS Press. p. 45)." (thanks Laleh)