Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Arab media and I

I can't be hosted in Arab (or Iranian) media. The Aljazeera fellow who called me yesterday to invite me to offer a few opinions by phone (on US foreign policy, as always), he said that my voice has not been heard on AlJazeera in four months. I said: of course, not as I became a victims of their "sulhah" (reconciliation) with Saudi Arabia. And this morning a reporter for Al-Quds radio in Damascus called me for an interview. I told him: for your sake and not mine, don't host me. I told him that Syrian media and Iranian media invite me to speak against their enemies but that I can't spare the Iranian and Syrian media from criticisms of Syrian and Iranian regimes. I once warned Syrian TV host, Nidal Qabalan, that I would be criticizing the Syrian government on live TV, and he urged me not to. I did of course. Nidal is now Syria's ambassador in Turkey: I hope this is a promotion. I did the same with an Iranian radio interview. But I would not mind at all appearing on an episode of the Family Guy (my favorite TV show): and I would not criticize Mayor Adam West.