Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What do Iranians want

I received emails from people regarding my post of the American poll in Iran. Some complained about the methodology or the conditions. Of course, there are problems with polling. Yes, the poll was conducted by phone: I talked to Gallup folks who poll in the Middle East about that. I prefer phone polling in the Middle East to face-to-face polling. Face-to-face polling is more intimidating especially when government informants accompany the pollsters (as in Egypt). And for people to refuse to respond, is not uncommon in phone polling anywhere. Is that poll the most accurate survey of Iranian public opinion? Not really, but what is the alternative? The reports on Iranian public opinion from Nazli Fathi of the New York Times FROM TORONTO? Or New York Times' articles citing "witnesses cited on opposition websites"? Or Saudi media who report that the Iranian public want to extend Saudi rule into Iran? Come on.