Monday, September 21, 2009

What do the Iranian people really think? (And this is not based on witnesses cited on opposition websites)

This is quite significant. It really shows you why you can't trust the Western coverage of the Middle East because it is often based on wishes and not on facts. I myself was surprised to see those results because I was reading the New York Times' coverage of Iran (from Toronto and Beirut), and it gives you the perception that the supporters and groupies of the King of Pistachios (Rafsanjani) and the loyal student of Khumayni (Moussavi) speak for 99 % of Iranians, at least. But here it says: "Most Iranians express acceptance of the outcome of the Presidential election. Eighty-one percent say they consider Ahmadinejad to be Iran's legitimate president, and 62 percent say they have a lot of confidence in the declared election results, while 21 percent say they have some confidence. Just 13 percent say they do not have much confidence or no confidence in the results. In general, eight in 10 (81%) say they are satisfied with the process by which authorities are elected, but only half that number (40%) say they are very satisfied." Journalism--if I may teach the New York Times--is when you report what is happening even if it conflicts with your wishes and desires, and the wishes and desires of the government that you so loyally serve in matters of foreign policy. (thanks Navid)