Sunday, August 09, 2009

LBC-TV's offices in Saudi Arabia closed down

"A spokesman for the ministry of culture and information in Riyadh said a committee had decided to close the Jeddah office of LBC because of the interview. The daily al-Watan newspaper said authorities also closed other offices of LBC, which is mainly owned by Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, in the kingdom. Abdul-Jawad has been charged with publicizing vice and lawyers say he may face the death penalty." There are so many layers to the story. The Jerry Springer of LBC, Malik Maktabi, is probably the only Shi`ite who works for LBC-TV. Secondly, LBC-TV is partly owned by Al-Walid and there has been a growing campaign against Al-Walid, even by his religiously fanatic brother. Thirdly, Saudi Arabia has been fostering chauvinistic Saudi nationalism and like all Arab regimes conflate attacks on the royal family with attacks on the people of Saudi Arabia, and they treat scandals involving one Saudi as part of a campaign against the Saudi government. Fourthly, Lebanese media while they offer fawning praise and prostration to Saudi royal family are guilty of racism aginast Gulf Arabs. Fifthly, it is not uncommon for Saudi government to persecute Saudi media. Al-Hayat has been banned in Saudi Arabia a few times although it is owned by Prince Khalid Bin Sultan, etc. (Picture from Ar-Riyadh).