Monday, July 27, 2009

Saudi man in jail for bragging

"Lewd remarks about sex by a Saudi man in Jeddah that broadcast last week on LBC’s “Red Line” has led to his arrest, Arab News learned on Wednesday. Mazen Abdul Jawad appeared on the program last week in a red button-down shirt and open collar bragging in graphic detail about his sexual conquests." This occurred on the LBC-TV's show, Ahmar: Bil-Khat Al-`Arid, which is a Lebanese imitation of Jerry Springer. There is now a campaign in Saudi Arabia to lead a boycott of LBC-TV because of its "exploitation"--according to campaigners--of Saudi nationals on its sleazy shows. There are some Saudi businesses which pulled out of advertisement on LBC-TV. But no worry: the Lebanese excel at the art of prostration and groveling vis-a-vis oil princes.

PS I forgot to add that LBC quickly moved to appease Saudi Wahhabi authorities: the host of the show, Malik Maktabi, disappeared from the air, and the show stopped airing.