Saturday, July 25, 2009

Punishing a journalist

"Rosenberg's coverage of Guantanamo, its terrorism trials and its suicides has been sustained and highly detailed. She has written about a prisoner so afraid of returning to his native Tajikistan that he is asking to stay at the prison in Cuba. She has written about how bottled water there is kept chilled in a 3,470-pound shipping refrigerator meant for the dead. And last year she wrote about one general attacking another as "abusive, bullying, unprofessional" in a dispute over trial tactics at the war court. Jamie McIntyre, a former CNN Pentagon correspondent, said of Rosenberg's interactions with Gordon: "I didn't think there was any sort of sexual abuse, unless you're telling me a naval officer, a sailor, isn't used to hearing anatomical references in anger. It sounds like an overreaction on everybody's part." He said Rosenberg "was always professional in her demeanor when I was around her.""