Saturday, July 25, 2009

Look who now cares about the Iranian people?

The US Congress now cares about the Iranian people. This is as vapid as when the Feminist Majority (which used to sell on its website pieces of Burqah to express solidarity with women in Afghanistan--although it did not sell plastic black eyes to show solidarity with victims of domestic violence here in the US) feigned concern over the women in Afghanistan. I am--and can never be--on the same side with the US Congress, on any issue. You may find this an extreme position, but it really is not. You may say what if the US Congress takes a stand say against global warming? I say: the US Congress is wrong even when it is right: i.e., they must have alterior motives and sinister plot when they advance what may appear as a good cause. And Zionism in Congress makes the difference between Democrats and Republicans on foreign policy non-existent.