Sunday, July 26, 2009

Humanizing Zionist fascism

This is a book that if it was written about other leaders or country, liberal protesters would show up daily at the publisher's headquarters. Read what he says about Begin and Sharon: here is an author who find the war crimes of Sharon and Begin to be cute and adorable. Even this lousy sympathetic reviewers in the New York Times had to mention: "But there’s no comparable nuance in Cohen’s portrayal of the Arabs who are crucial to the latter half of his book. Most appear as little more than walk-ons, performing familiar roles: the Nazi-loving grand mufti of Jerusalem; the kaffiyeh-draped Arafat; the Hezbollah leader chillingly declaring, “They love life, and we love death.”" (And the last quotation was fabricated). And do Zionist propagandists know that the Mufti has been long dead? I mean, they need new and fresh material. This schtick about the Mufti is way too old.