Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The constant aggression (and calls for additional aggression) by Israel

I was looking through my archives and collected documents (and they are organized according to the potato library classification system), and I came across an old issue of the Washington Post from January 10, 1991. The headline is "Israel Urges Strike Against Saddam [read Iraq]". And the article by Jackson Diehl says that "Israel's government is again lobbying Washington to destroy the military machine of Iraqi president Saddam Hussein [read Iraq]." I mean, I read that and thought. In the 1950s, the government of the usurping entity urged strikes against Egypt and managed to invite UK and France to attack Egypt. In the 1960s, the government of the usurping entity were urging strikes against Egypt and Syria. And in the 1970s, they were urging stirkes on Lebanon. And now they are urgsing strikes on Iran (and on Lebanon). And on and on. What does the government of the usurping entity think about its fate in the region? What is the lesson from this rememberance? It is obvious. The demise of the Zionist usurping entity will be achieved through the same methods that the usurping entity relied on for its expansion and occupations. Oh, and when the Palestinian regugees return to their homes in 1948 Palestine, can the Israeli occupiers turn the lights off on their way out?