Sunday, July 26, 2009

Congressional Zionists now feign sympathy for Iranians

"As an Iranian-American who grew up in Iran, I couldn't disagree more with my fellow Iranian-American's opinion that Sen. John McCain cares about human rights in Iran ("An Iranian-American thanks McCain," Letters, Thursday). I wouldn't be fooled by the senator's advocacy to help ordinary Iranians since he has continuously pushed for sanctions against Iran, which hurt the general population there. If he truly cared about Iranians, he would help lift the embargo on non-military equipment, such as civilian-aircraft spare parts, which are desperately needed in Iran at this time. A number of recent aircraft crashes resulting in the loss of hundreds of innocent Iranian lives have been attributed to the U.S. embargo of these spare parts. I will never forget when he sang "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" on one of his campaign stops...If Sen. McCain were sincerely concerned about human rights and freedom, he would also criticize other Muslim countries friendly to the U.S. and which Israel does not consider its enemy, such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or Turkey, in which human-rights abuses are much more widespread."