Friday, May 29, 2009

Walid Jumblat

Walid Jumblat is considered an intellectuaaaaaaaaaaaaaal in Lebanese politics. To be an intellectuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal in Lebanese politics you only need to subscribe to the New York Review of Books. And the man subscribes. So when he is interviewed, he is asked about books he is reading. A year ago, he was recommending books by Bernard Lewis and Lebanese right-winger, Waddah Shararah. Yesterday, he was asked about books and he recommended Tareq Ali. As Jumblat switches positions, he switches book recommendations. (Unlike previous interviews with Jumblat, this one will not be covered by MEMRI because he railed in it against Israel and the US).

PS But then again: with mini-Hariri as a political leader, a potato can be seen as an intellectual.