Monday, June 01, 2009

Robert Fisk on Lebanon

You have to read this article by Fisk: it really encapsulates the flaws and problems in Fisk's reporting. It really reminded me to urge those of you who want to study and follow the Middle East to study the languages of the region. I mean, Fisk is really lazy and it shows in this one article. If you have been reading what As-Safir or Al-Akhbar has been reporting daily about the Israeli spy networks you would have learned so much more than what is contained here--his political biases and his proximity to Walid Jumblat and Hariri Inc notwithstanding. I mean, he would have learned more by simply talking to Abed--his driver. He says: "Over the past two weeks, a special unit of Lebanon's Internal Security Force (ISF) has been arresting a clutch of Lebanese allegedly working as spies for Israel." He should have known that there were many arrests and not all of them by the Hariri-controlled Information Apparatus of the Internal Security Forces. The Lebanese Army's Intelligence Bureau and the General Security Department have also participated in uncovering the spy networks. He adds: "But it is becoming increasingly obvious that some of the "intelligence" behind these detentions – and more than 50 people in all have so far been questioned – came from the Shiite Hizbollah, who are, of course, Syria's and Iran's best friends in Lebanon." But there is no evidence of that whatsoever. In fact, if Hizbullah was behind it it would have bragged in its media about its role and that has not happened. In fact, published indications point to devices in the custody of the Internal Security Forces. He also misidentifies the alleged spy, Mansur Diab as "Maurice Diab." And so on. Would you be willing to contribute to a retirement fund to Mr. Fisk so that he can cruise the world, and we can even send Abed along for the trip. (thanks Suha)