Friday, May 29, 2009

Jaysh Al-Ummah

A reader from Gaza sent me this but she does not want to be identified: "The Jish El-Ummah is something funny, they are mainly based on some families in Gaza, originally Gazans and working class ( for the lack of a better expression) anyhow, this Jish is another branch of Dahlan financed gangs, they bombed the YMCA and attached the Latin church etc.. in Gaza to show how intorelable Hamas is but everyone know that Dahlan is behind them, if Mao pays them they will become Maoists tomorrow. something similar to the Iraqi sunni clans finaiced by the americans and switch sides. Jish el-Ummah is mainly composed of Dughmosh family. a family that no one wants to get into trouble with back home. if you want i will search in my files, i had few vidoes and bullshit stuff. in a nutshell, they are not al-qaida (though they can become).Oh, they also cooperated with Hamas when needed, they also get paid to kidnap on anyone's behalf and then "deliver" the hostage to whoever pays, they did the actual kidnapping of many individuals (non-Palestinians) and get paid for this. I will refrain from elaborating but check the 2006 "kidnapping" in Rafah."