Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Israeli Orientalism

Israeli Orientalism is so amusing as far as I am concerned because they write about a region no expert can ever recognize. I will not link to Israeli propaganda but I have to say something about a recent release from the Dayan Center (what is called Tel Aviv Notes). The two authors are arguing that there was a major shift in Arab culture in the wake of the Israeli terrorist assault on Gaza. I kid you not. The two clueless authors are arguing that there is now strong denunciation of the Palestinians--yes, the Palestinains in general--in Arab political cutlure. What evidence do those dude provide? Three articles by three columnists in Saudi media. I kid you not. One of the three, Ahmad Abu Matar, is presented as "Palestinian scholar." But Abu Matar himself never refers to himself as "scholar." He once was presented as "a writer" on some TV program and somebody called the program and said: I know Mr. Abu Matar in Oslo and he is an electrician. Now, of course, there is nothing wrong in being an electrician but it shows you how MEMRI and other Zionist propaganda outlets always embellish and distort the credentials of writers (in Saudi media ALWAYS) who happen to favor a point of view that is consistent with Israeli regional interests. Just yesterday MEMRI sent out a bulletin about some things that "a Lebanese writer" has said. I never heard of that guy in my life and I am supposed to be a close watcher of things Lebanese (and Lebanonese). (thanks Laurie)

PS Ibn Rushd reminds me that the same "Lebanese writer" quoted approvingly by MEMRI yesterday was the same Lebanese right-wing writer who only months ago was cited (mockingly) by MEMRI for presenting a "Jewish conspiracy theory" of the rise of Obama. No lie and no fabrication is too fat for Israeli propaganda.