Friday, May 29, 2009

The crude Zionist propaganda of Ethan Bronner

I strongly and enthusiastically recommend Ethan Bronner for a top job at MEMRI or any any organization run by Zionist hoodlums. When Zionists feign sensitivity they are at their worst. You want to beg them to not show any sensitivity and to not pose as humane. So in the article on Gaza today, he begins with a clear and categorical (and in passing) justification of the Israeli terrorist assault on Gaza: "Four months after Israel waged a war here to stop Hamas rocket fire..." So he establishes the justification and then he moves on. He then wants to convince you that the starvation and hunger in Gaza is not that bad: thanks to Israeli military sensitivity: " There is no acute malnutrition, and infant mortality rates compare with those in Egypt and Jordan, according to Mahmoud Daher of the World Health Organization here. This is because although Israel and Egypt have shut the borders for the past three years in an effort to squeeze Hamas, Israel rations aid daily, allowing in about 100 trucks of food and medicine. Military officers in Tel Aviv count the calories to avoid a disaster." That sentence speaks volume about the propagana interests of Bronner (assisted as always by Taghrid El-Khodary who has established a journalistic record of shame in one year only). First, he tells you that there is no "acute malnutrition." Don't you like the word acute here? This is like talking about a society in which there is no "acute slavery" or no "acute injustice", etc. He then tells you that the reason there is no "acute malnutrition" is because of the humanity of Israeli colonizers. But Bronner so strongly identifies with the oppressors that he parrots what he is told without realizing the Orwellian dimensions of the language used. He tells you that Israeli terrorist military officers "count the calories" but Bronner does not realize how awful and cruel and bizarre that sounds because his job is to serve Israeli military propaganda and that he does. He then justifies the bombing of the tunnels: "Israel periodically bombs those in hopes of weakening Hamas." So the goods and cattle that are smuggled are Hamas goods and Hamas cattle.