Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Armenians in Lebanon

What this article by Robert Worth is missing is this: 1) that the Armenians in Lebanon have a problem with Rafiq Hariri and his X-Box son because they insist on selecting Armenian (and Christian) representatives without any regard to the preferences of Armenians and Christians; 2) Worth missed the biggest part of the story: that March 14 unleashed an unabashed racist anti-Armenian wave and bigoted campaign last year when Amin Gemayyel lost the by-election in Matn, and he blamed the Armenians and he (and others in March 14) referred to them as "prasites" and "externals" and "outsiders", etc. In fact, this racist campaign made it impossible for the Tachnaq (the largest Armenian party in Lebanon) to run with March 14. But do you notice something: you never EVER read anything negative story about March 14 in the US press. Never. I mean this is the coalition that comprises some of the worst of the Nazi militias in Lebanon for potato's sake.