Sunday, March 22, 2009

A threat to Angry Arab

I have received this email today:

إلى -أسعد أبو خليل- أو العميل الأمريكي الغاضب.

لقد فتحت عليك والله أبواب جهنم عندما هاجمت المقاومة الإسلامية العربية وسيدها الحسيني .

فاذا اعتقدت ان لحمنا مباح لتنهشه فانك خاطئ،

فلحمنا مر لا يستطيع اي كان ان ينهشه واذا حاولت مرة اخرى فاننا سنكسر اسنانك ونقلع عيونك ونقص يدك .

واننا ننصحك بأن توقف حملتك المدفوعة الأجر ضد المقاومة الإسلامية العربية وسيدها الحسيني،

والا فاننا لا نتحمل اي مسؤولية عما قد يحصل لك ولأفراد عائلتك،
وتأكد باننا لن نوفر وسيلة لكي نلقنك درسا لن تنساه.

وقد أعذر من انذر والله مع المؤمنين.

شباب الشيعة المقاومة"

I post this as I received it in my inbox. This is a group that is allegedly funded by Hariri family and Saudi intelligence and is CERTAINLY promoted by Saudi media. The message said: "To As`ad AbuKhalil or the Angry American Agent

You have by God opened on yourself the gates of hell when you attacked the Arab Islamic Resistance and its Sayyid Al-Husayni. And if you think that our flesh is available for you to bite, then you are mistaken. Our flesh is bitter and no one can bite it, and if you try one more time we shall break your teeth and gouge out your eyes and cut off your hand. And we advise you to end your salaried campaign on the Arab Islamic Resistance and its Sayyid Al-Husayni, otherwise we dont brear responsibility for what may befall you or to members of your family. And be certain that we shall not spare a method to teach you a lesson that you shall not forget. And who has warned has been excused and God is with the believers.

The Youth of Shi`ite Resistance."