Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yusuf Qaradawi's son: it is official

So in the last three months, two shows by NBN broadcaster, Maria Ma`luf were banned. One featured Muhammad Dahlan and the other featured Yusuf Qaradawi's son, `Abdur-Rahman. Yesterday, I asked Maria about that. She explained (and I have her permission to share the responses): the show about Dahlan was cancelled after intervention by Hamas and Hizbullah who did not want to give Dahlan a free platform on NBC (Nabih Birri TV). As for the more controversial show by Yusuf Qaradawi: she said that she indeed confirmed in the interview with him that he had converted to Shi`ism, and that he wrote a poem about Khumayni. He told her that he fully supported Hizbullah. After the interview was conducted, high officials from the Qatari government called Nabih Birri and asked that the show be canceled and that was that.