Friday, February 13, 2009

New York Times teaches us about women's rights

"Even for those women for whom college is not an option, the Internet and satellite television have opened windows into the lives of women in the West. “Satellite has shown an alternative way of being,” said Syma Sayah, a feminist involved in social work in Tehran. “Women see that it is possible to be treated equally with men.”" Oh, yes. How true. I mean, what better lessons on feminism than Desperate Housewives or Baywatch or MTV or mainstream Hollywood movies? Oh, yes. That world of American TV shows is an incredible lesson in gender equality and feminism. Those American soap operas are the best educational tools if you really want to learn about feminism. I mean, who write this stuff? Do they even know how dumb they sound? I mean, most internet traffic is Western pornography, is that also--according to the New York Times--a lesson in feminism?