Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hitchens in Beirut, again

I was just informed that the boring travel companion of Hitchens in Beirut, i.e., Michael Totten, confirms that Hitchens indeed tried to deface the SSNP's commemorative sign near Wimpy which notes the brave operation by Khalid `Alwan, a Beiruti young man, against Israeli terrorist soldiers who were sitting in the cafe defacing our capital. A small sign was mounted on the location of the brave operation. Hitchens and his boring travel companion are making noises about the ideology of the SSNP and they have been referring to its "inverted" swastika. Now I have never been a fan of the SSNP and have been critical of its ideology, but the real Nazi party in Lebanon--for anybody who knows anything about Lebanon, which does not include Hitchens and Totten and that infamous Forbes writer who could not even get the date of March 14 right-- is none other than the party that invited and hosted Hitchens in Beirut. The right-wing Zionist apologists, Hitchens et al, were in Beirut at the invitation of the sleaziest political group imaginable: the so-called Now Lebanon media outfit (I call it Now Hariri), which is tied to Future (Hariri) media, which is tied to Quantum group which is tied to Lebanon Renaissance Foundation, which is tied to nepharious political projects in Lebanon with the stamp of Cheney-Bush-Hariri-House of Saud-Gemayyel. The leader of Lebanon Renaissance Foundation, is none other than Elie Khoury who led Saatchi and Saatchi which reportedly helped the US occupation in Iraq to sell its mission in Arabic, and helped design (for a hefty sum) the slogan of the Hariri family in Lebanon: Lebanon first. Brilliant, huh? The political coalition that hosted Hitchens in Lebanon include the Phalanges Party and Khoury's political affiliations are with the Lebanese Forces. So the closest to the Lebanese Nazis--the closest to the Nazies of the Arab world--are none other than the Phalanges and the Lebanese Forces, and one wonders if Hitchens heroic claims are true, why he was not seen defacing the crosses or the cedars of the true Lebanese Nazis. But then again: has there any credibility left to somebody like Hitchens whose political commentaries have been amounting to nothing more than the slogans drafted by speech writers of Bush's White House? This is a man who now it seems supports every sitting American president and who waits for a president to leave office before he dares to offer criticisms of his administration. The champion of Bush is now posing as champion of Obama: enough said. A man with no principles and no credibility left was astouned to face sandniggers at the American University of Beirut campus who challenged his positions on every issue in foreign policy. What was most shocking for Hitchens and his neo-conservative clique is that those who challenged him on the AUB campus were not Islamic fundamnetalists who he can dismiss as "Islamofascists"--a term he regularly uses but he cowardly avoided using during his Hariri trip in Lebanon--but seclar leftists from different sects in Lebanon. There are people who would lament the political transformations of Hitchens and talk about his not only championing of Bush's wars but his change of views on the Palestinian question. In other words, the man is a fraud because he argues that Sep. 11 opened his eyes to the threat of Islamofascists but he can't explain why he also conveniently stopped criticizing Israel--something he was willing to do for a small fee back in the 1980s and 1990s. Personally, I did not like Hitchens during his leftist poseur days, and like him less now, and his sleazy, sexist, and vulgar tone regarding women is rather repulsive to me. Back in the 1980s, when I read that he was claiming on every media that would host him that he once interviewed Abu Nidal, I knew that this guy is a fabricator and liar.