Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hitchens' heroics battles in the streets of Beirut

"He described how he was knocked to the floor, ended up with his shirt covered with blood after he cut his arm in the fall, and "skinned" two fingers on one hand. Hitchens added that he was walking with a limp for several days after. "They were after me because I was the one who had defaced the poster," he said."" What a brave man. After supporting Bush's liberation of Iraqis and Afghans, he was doing his share to contribute to the liberation of Beirutis. That man's courage knows no bound. (Notice that the new expert on Lebanon got the name of Jumblat's party wrong. And notice that this freedom crusader is not bothered by his Saudi-Hariri sponsors, nor by his sectarian-feudal-warlord protection in Beirut. And notice that he identified all his critics at AUB as supporters of SSNP when many were communists and socialists--real socialits and not like his Jumblat protectors.) (thanks Sarah)