Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This article mocks the so-called Arabic of Robert Satloff (in his show on Al-Hurrah TV). I wonder: could the charismatic and electrical personality of Robert Satfloff be behind the incredible success of Al-Hurra TV? Is it really his magical delivery that has captured the hearts and minds of Arabs around the world? Is it possible to say that Satloff's program was behind the dramatic rise of Al-Hurra TV against all of its competitors including Aljazeera? Based on public opinion polls, it is revealed that Satloff's show on Al-Hurra TV gets more viewers than Um Kulthum's songs and Nasser's speeches in yester years. There are rumors that women in the region gather in full attention when Satloff appears on the screen? I heard that Bush's popularity in the Arab world is due to Satfloff's show on Al-Hurra TV, and his promotion of the Bush Doctrine.