Monday, February 09, 2009

Dia `Azzawi removes his name from Barenboim's statement

Regarding that lousy letter by Daniel Barenboim, I received this letter from Iraqi artist, Dia `Azzawi (I cite with his permission):

"Dear As’ad
Badr forewarded to me your message and the whole text of the document.
I am very embarrassed to sign this document, due to my mistake not to read the whole text. My understanding was that the document is a sign of solidarity with the Palestinians facing the brutal onslaught of their occupiers. At the time when the massacre was going on in Gaza in front of the eyes of the world, Mr. Barenbaum’s Secretary called me; my expectation was very clear wording against the brutality of the Israeli army.
what I had read is contrary to my belief and work in the last half a century. At the time I appreciate Mr. Barenbaum and other world figures who stand for the right of Palestinian people, but I will never ever accept this wording not because of the conflict goes much farther than forty years of heroic and historical resistance of the Palestinians and Arab fighters, and the millions of refuges, but also to the fact I am not neutral neither politically nor artistically between the occupation and the occupiers and also I have the same belief regarding the colonial occupation of my country Iraq.
Lot of people in our part of the world change their beliefs like they change their shoes, but I am not of this type. I hope this is clear to everybody.
Best regards
Dia Azzawi"